Predictive analysis consists in using statistical algorithms to anticipate probable results.

Data analysis is a specific area of statistics that relies on the use of techniques to describe the set of techniques used to collect, describe, analyze, synthesize and understand a very large set of data.

Data analysis and processing is observed by Data visualization via Dataviz. Machine learning or Deep learning are Artificial Intelligence technologies allowing computers with very fast computing capacities to learn without having been programmed.

Predictive analysis (KPI Big data) consists in using data, statistical algorithms and techniques of Machine Learning or Deep Learning to anticipate probable results.

  • Descriptive statistics are used to describe and present the data.
  • Inferential statistics allow inferences and predictions to be made from the data collected.

Processing and analyzing statistical data requires three types of skills: statistical, data analysis and computer skills.

The main operations involved in the data processing process are:

  • Data coding
  • Calculation of indices and scores
  • Adjusting data

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